Dogs will eat and sleep in one of our spacious indoor pens (large or xtra lg), or a private, luxury suite designed just for them. 


They can join the other dogs in playgroups (see our add-on activities) for playcare or play with our highly trained and loving staff. 


We consider playtime an important part of caring for your dog while you're away!  But, it's not the ONLY thing. 


We also provide one on one enrichment activities for your dog while using basic obedience behaviors for brain work.  


(Please note:  We are not able to accommodate dogs who are aggressive toward other dogs or humans.)

We require that your dog has come for a meet-n-greet session prior to boarding with us.  This ensures that your dog will do well in this kind of environment and will also help your dog adjust better. 


By coming for a meet-n-greet, your dog will be much more relaxed and ready for fun during thier stay. The Dog Spot is where he had so much fun before!  He will probably pull you in the door! 


We've found the best way to keep our guests healthy and happy is to have dogs attend a meet-n-greet session along with a couple of days of playcare prior to boarding with us.

The Dog Spot has a professionally monitored security system and security cameras.  The owner and manager have access to view the camera's, live, 24 hrs a day.

The Details

Drop-Off &
Pick-up Times

We charge just the same as a human hotel.  Drop off whenever is convenient for you during our open-door hours


Check out time is by noon (at noon and 7 p.m. on Sunday) on your pick up day.  If you are unable to pick up by noon, you will incur a nominal late pick-up fee. 


Please note our open office hours and plan accordingly.

Reservations & Cancellations

Due to our limited boarding space, we fill up early for most holidays, most weekends, and many weekdays, especially in the summer.  It is advisable that you book your reservation as far in advance as possible. 


We require a deposit equal to one night's stay. 


We will call you to confirm your reservation several days prior to your dog's stay with us. If you need to cancel your reservation, kindly provide us with at least 72 hours notice. 


Any no-shows or cancellations within 72 hours of drop-off day will forfeit their deposit.


On weekends, even though we have reduced open door hours, our team of dedicated caretakers are still hard at work caring for your fuzzy family member(s). Their schedule of feeding, fun, activities, enrichment, and rest does not change. 


We strive to maintain a consistent schedule even when we are not open to the public. 


We wouldn't keep our own dogs contained for 12 hours and we WON'T do it to yours!

Any boarding stay 7 nights or longer automatically receives 5% off the entire stay!
4+ Dogs from the same family automatically receive 10% off their entire stay!!
What To Bring

At the time of check-in, you will fill out a reservation form describing feeding and medicating instructions for your dog.  We administer medications at no additional charge. This is the time to decide on any fun add-on's you want your dog to have during their stay.  Choose from lots of fun activities, enrichment, and training options.  We believe in choice for dogs and we believe in choice for you!


Please bring your dog's own food in a sealed plastic container. Each container must be clearly marked with your last name and your dog's name. If you forget your food or don't wish to bring it, we will feed your dog our house food for $2.00 per cup. 

You may bring your dog's favorite blanket or bedding and we will do our best to return it to you in the condition you gave it to us.  However, please note that this is an interactive environment and your personal item may get dirty or ruined.  We provide blankets and other fluffy bedding along with a great chew toy for each dog at nap time and bedtime. 


Remember...your dog will be so exhausted from playing and being enriched all day that all they'll do is sleep when they are in their sleeping space.


**We now proudly offer a 10% discount off all our boarding and playcare services to include…public school teachers, our military (active and retired), first responders, and seniors 65+

We believe that dogs should have a choice in their lives, and we feel you should have choices too.  We now offer much more flexibility in the choices you have for your dog’s stay. 

 Includes 4 daily trips plus a final nighttime trip to play yard or to walk out front to potty and get some fresh air. (If your dog is currently enrolled in our playcare program and have a current card on file, they will automatically participate in playcare while boarding with us at no additional charge.)

There is no additional charge for any food preparation or medicating.

Small Dog Boarding
25 lbs and Under
One Dog | $34/night
2nd Dog | $26/night
3rd Dog | $22/night
(2nd and 3rd+ dog prices are for dogs sharing spaces only.  Otherwise, each dog is billed for 1st dog price)
Large Dog Boarding
Over 25 lbs
One Dog | $39/night
2nd Dog | $26/night
3rd Dog | $22/night
(2nd and 3rd+ dog prices are for dogs sharing spaces only.  Otherwise, each dog is billed for 1st dog price)
Large Private Suite Upgrade
One Dog | $15/night
2nd + Dog | $10/dog/night
(2nd and 3rd+ dog prices are for dogs sharing spaces only.  Otherwise, each dog is billed for 1st dog price)
XLarge Private Suite Upgrade
One Dog | $18/night
2nd + Dog | $13/night
(2nd and 3rd+ dog prices are for dogs sharing spaces only.  Otherwise, each dog is billed for 1st dog price)
Overnight Boarding Add-On Services
(See Training/Educational Add-On's Farther Down Page)
Educational Add-On Services

Whether your dog stays with us for 1 night or many more, adding on training items can help them not only while they are in boarding (reduces FAS…fear, anxiety, stress) but in daily life as well.

Each training add-on (excluding socialization and enrichment off-site) is only $25 for a single 30-minute session or $45 for two 30-minute sessions daily. 

Off-site socialization and enrichment activities are $45 per session.

These sessions are taught exclusively by one of our Certified Trainers.

We will give you a write-up on what we worked on with your dog, how they performed, video if available, and instructions for you to continue the work at home.

When you add-on training, socialization, and enrichment to your dog’s boarding stay, your dog’s stay goes from WOW to BOW WOW!!!  Plus, they go home a better behaved and happier dog.

Add-on's labeled with *** are only available to current or past training clients


6:30 a.m. - Noon

3:00 p.m. - 7 p.m.



10 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Additional pick up and drop off at 7 p.m.




Pick up and drop off at Noon and 7 p.m.



3422 Diversified Drive

Loganville, GA 30052

Also serving Loganville, Grayson, Snellville, Conyers, Lawrenceville, Lilburn, Dacula, Stone Mountain.

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F / 770-554-4999

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