Dogs will eat and sleep in one of our spacious indoor pens (large or xtra lg), or a private, luxury suite designed just for them. 


They can join the other dogs in playgroups (see our add-on activities) for playcare or play with our highly trained and loving staff. 


We consider playtime an important part of caring for your dog while you're away!  But, it's not the ONLY thing. 


We also provide one on one enrichment activities for your dog while using basic obedience behaviors for brain work.  


(Please note:  We are not able to accommodate dogs who are aggressive toward other dogs or humans.)

We require that your dog has come for a meet-n-greet session prior to boarding with us.  This ensures that your dog will do well in this kind of environment and will also help your dog adjust better. 


By coming for a meet-n-greet, your dog will be much more relaxed and ready for fun during thier stay. The Dog Spot is where he had so much fun before!  He will probably pull you in the door! 


We've found the best way to keep our guests healthy and happy is to have dogs attend a meet-n-greet session along with a couple of days of playcare prior to boarding with us.

The Dog Spot has a professionally monitored security system and security cameras.  The owner and manager have access to view the camera's, live, 24 hrs a day.

The Details

Drop-Off &
Pick-up Times

We charge just the same as a human hotel.  Drop off whenever is convenient for you during our open-door hours


Check out time is by noon (at noon and 7 p.m. on Sunday) on your pick up day.  If you are unable to pick up by noon, you will incur a nominal late pick-up fee. 


Please note our open office hours and plan accordingly.

Reservations & Cancellations

Due to our limited boarding space, we fill up early for most holidays, most weekends, and many weekdays, especially in the summer.  It is advisable that you book your reservation as far in advance as possible. 


We require a deposit equal to one night's stay. 


We will call you to confirm your reservation several days prior to your dog's stay with us. If you need to cancel your reservation, kindly provide us with at least 72 hours notice. 


Any no-shows or cancellations within 72 hours of drop-off day will forfeit their deposit.


On weekends, even though we have reduced open door hours, our team of dedicated caretakers are still hard at work caring for your fuzzy family member(s). Their schedule of feeding, fun, activities, enrichment, and rest does not change. 


We strive to maintain a consistent schedule even when we are not open to the public. 


We wouldn't keep our own dogs contained for 12 hours and we WON'T do it to yours!

Any boarding stay 7 nights or longer automatically receives 5% off the entire stay!
4+ Dogs from the same family automatically receive 10% off their entire stay!!
What To Bring

At the time of check-in, you will fill out a reservation form describing feeding and medicating instructions for your dog.  We administer medications at no additional charge. This is the time to decide on any fun add-on's you want your dog to have during their stay.  Choose from lots of fun activities, enrichment, and training options.  We believe in choice for dogs and we believe in choice for you!


Please bring your dog's own food in a sealed plastic container. Each container must be clearly marked with your last name and your dog's name. If you forget your food or don't wish to bring it, we will feed your dog our house food for $2.00 per cup. 

You may bring your dog's favorite blanket or bedding and we will do our best to return it to you in the condition you gave it to us.  However, please note that this is an interactive environment and your personal item may get dirty or ruined.  We provide blankets and other fluffy bedding along with a great chew toy for each dog at nap time and bedtime. 


Remember...your dog will be so exhausted from playing and being enriched all day that all they'll do is sleep when they are in their sleeping space.


**We now proudly offer a 10% discount off all our boarding and playcare services to include…public school teachers, our military (active and retired), first responders, and seniors 65+

We believe that dogs should have a choice in their lives, and we feel you should have choices too.  We now offer much more flexibility in the choices you have for your dog’s stay. 

 Includes 4 daily trips plus a final nighttime trip to play yard or to walk out front to potty and get some fresh air. (If your dog is currently enrolled in our playcare program and have a current card on file, they will automatically participate in playcare while boarding with us at no additional charge.)

There is no additional charge for any food preparation or medicating.

Small Dog Boarding
25 lbs and Under
One Dog | $34/night
2nd Dog | $26/night
3rd Dog | $22/night
(2nd and 3rd+ dog prices are for dogs sharing spaces only.  Otherwise, each dog is billed for 1st dog price)
Large Dog Boarding
Over 25 lbs
One Dog | $39/night
2nd Dog | $26/night
3rd Dog | $22/night
(2nd and 3rd+ dog prices are for dogs sharing spaces only.  Otherwise, each dog is billed for 1st dog price)
Large Private Suite Upgrade
One Dog | $15/night
2nd + Dog | $10/dog/night
(2nd and 3rd+ dog prices are for dogs sharing spaces only.  Otherwise, each dog is billed for 1st dog price)
XLarge Private Suite Upgrade
One Dog | $18/night
2nd + Dog | $13/night
(2nd and 3rd+ dog prices are for dogs sharing spaces only.  Otherwise, each dog is billed for 1st dog price)
Overnight Boarding Add-On Services
(See Training/Educational Add-On's Farther Down Page)
  • Playcare

    Our playcare program is a great way for your dog to socialize with other dogs in a fun and safe play environment.  While all dogs who board overnight with us spend time in our play yards with access to our play equipment and pools, playcare is where they get to join the dogs who come for day play to enjoy the fun and enrichment of dog/dog play.  A highly trained and experienced Handler is outside, monitoring playgroups, at all times.  

    **Dogs who are enrolled in our playcare program and have an active playcare card on file will automatically be enrolled in playcare while boarding…FREE of charge. **

    **Some dogs do not like participating in playcare.  If you sign your dog up for playcare while boarding and they do not enjoy it (i.e. do not get along with other dogs), we will let you know and you will not be charged for this add-on.**

  • Nature Walks
    $15 Single
    $22 Two Dogs Together

    We are fortunate to have a wonderful walking area that includes a sniff-a-licious, grassy ravine to walk dogs around.  We also have some quiet neighborhoods nearby as well as some quiet country roads.  Your dog will enjoy a 20-minute walk around this area to enjoy doing what dogs do best…sniff, forage, and have some relaxing and enjoyable one on one time with a loving Caretaker.  All dogs are required to wear a harness when going on a nature walk.  If you don’t have a harness, don’t worry…we will provide one. 


    **We are unable to walk more than two dogs together at a time and prefer to walk them individually.**

  • Cuddle Times
    $15 Single
    $22 Two Dogs Together
    $28 Three Dogs Together

    We love to cuddle…with dogs!  This is a perfect add-on for any dog experiencing FAS (fear, anxiety, stress) during a boarding stay.  A Caretaker spends 15 – 20 minutes of one on one time just snuggling and cuddling with your pup.  They get to crawl into their lap for hugs and snuggles or can lounge on the couch or floor for full body rubs including belly rubs, ear scratches, and booty pats.

  • Play Times
    $15/Session - 1 Dog
    $22/Session - Two Dogs
    $28/Session - Three Dogs

    TDS is all about play!   For some dogs, play with other dogs is not an option so Playtime is a perfect way for your pup to get some extra fun love and attention during their stay.  This add-on provides 15 – 20 minutes of whatever fun activity your dog enjoys.  We can throw balls for a fun game of fetch, grab a favorite tug toy for some fun tug-o-war, work on training with some of our fun training games, and run around the play yard chasing their favorite Caretaker around.  We combine activity with brain games to provide an enriching play time session for your pup.

  • Bedtime Enrichment Lickable Toy

    At the end of a long day, nothing is better for a dog than falling asleep figuring out how to lick all the yumminess out of a puzzle toy.  Licking reduces stress and increases relaxation by promoting the release of endorphins...natures feel good hormone.  We use Extreme Kongs, Nylabone Hooves, Indestructible Pickles, Party Boxes, and many other fun items to make sure your pup falls asleep completely satisfied...physically, emotionally, and mentally. 

  • Meal In a Box

    A meal in a box is so much fun for dogs who like to use their noses, tongues, teeth, and claws.  And, really… what dog doesn’t?  We take a box, fill it with your dog’s food, add a smear of peanut butter or squeezy cheese, and a few yummy treats.  We then tape the box shut and give it to your dog at mealtime.  They get to lick, rip, and tear their way into this box to eat their meal.  What a great boost to confidence as well as a fantastic way to use up extra mental, emotional, and physical energy.  We make the boxed meal easier or more difficult depending on each individual dog.  The name of this game is mealtime success!

  • Camera/Video Add-On

    You asked for it, so now we offer it!  We try to post pictures and videos of everyone’s pups throughout their stays with us.  Our dedicated team pulls out their cell phones and tries to capture all the fun your amazing fuzzy family members have while they are staying with us.  While we don’t guarantee you will see your pup in picture/video every day, we sure do try to get everyone in.  This add-on is that guarantee.  If you want pictures/videos of your pup playing, getting loved on, lounging, and having an awesome time each day during their stay, then this add-on is for you.  We will not only post pictures/videos to our FB page but we will also send them to your cell phone and/or email...every day…guaranteed! 

Educational Add-On Services

Whether your dog stays with us for 1 night or many more, adding on training items can help them not only while they are in boarding (reduces FAS…fear, anxiety, stress) but in daily life as well.

Each training add-on (excluding socialization and enrichment off-site) is only $25 for a single 30-minute session or $45 for two 30-minute sessions daily. 

Off-site socialization and enrichment activities are $45 per session.

These sessions are taught exclusively by one of our Certified Trainers.

We will give you a write-up on what we worked on with your dog, how they performed, video if available, and instructions for you to continue the work at home.

When you add-on training, socialization, and enrichment to your dog’s boarding stay, your dog’s stay goes from WOW to BOW WOW!!!  Plus, they go home a better behaved and happier dog.

Add-on's labeled with *** are only available to current or past training clients

Walking Manners

One of the most common complaints we hear from clients is that they don’t enjoy walking with their dog because their dog pulls, lunges, and maybe even acts aggressively while on leash. Many people resort to cruel equipment such as prong, choke, or even shock collars to address this behavior. Others will start tugging, popping, jerking, and getting angry with their dog to get their dog to pay attention and quit pulling. We can help with that! We use humane equipment (Freedom Harness or Combo Harness Leash) and work with your dog to teach them to respect the length of the leash, to check in with their human, and to remain calm when they see things while out walking. We also provide walking reports and video to help facilitate continued teaching at home. This add-on is all about helping your dog learn boundaries while walking and to learn to stay calm and relaxed so you can BOTH enjoy your walks together. We will work with your dog at a level they can experience success and then we pass that success on to you.

Friendly Greetings (Humans) – Jumping

Jumping on people is also high on the list of complaints that we receive from our clients. Especially if their dog is large. We feel it is important for all dogs to have impulse control when meeting strangers to reduce the possibility of scratches, nips, and even bites. Besides, it’s embarrassing and frustrating! While many people recommend kneeing the dog in the chest, shaking penny cans at them, or even hitting them when they jump up, we have a much different approach that is fun for everyone. We teach your dog to choose to sit when greeting anyone…and enjoy it! We will teach your dog to think before they leap and to make a much more appreciated choice in their greetings. We play games that keep this fun for your dog, so they don’t think that jumping is an option. This behavior alone tells us a lot about a dog’s base line impulse control. By teaching dogs to have more impulse control, we teach them to make better choices.

Door Manners

Does your dog bolt through any open door? Are you concerned that they will push through and run off when someone opens the door? Does your dog trip you up trying to get through an open door as quickly as possible? This is a huge safety concern for not only the dog but the humans in the house as well. We will work with your dog to teach calm and relaxation at all doorways. They will learn that each door is an opportunity to exhibit impulse control and make the choice to sit and relax until invited to go through the door. We can even teach your dog to go to a specific place and stay when the doorbell rings (see place/mat work) so you have the confidence to open your door without worry of where your dog is and what he/she will do.

Crate Training

Does your dog fight you when you try to get him into their crate? Does he bark, whine, and cry while in there? Does he destroy the crate trying to get out? Not only does this get expensive but it is dangerous for the dog as well. They could get hurt in the process of trying to escape, not to mention the damage they could do to your home once they are out. We will work with your dog to help him not only enjoy being in his crate but to go in there willingly and happily. This is especially important if your dog is experiencing any signs of Separation Anxiety.

Attention – Name Recognition

This is one that tops the list of “frustrating” for dog owners. You call your dog’s name repeatedly and…nothing. In fact, your dog moves onto something else completely! How infuriating! You give your dog a very thought out name that means a lot to you and then they have the nerve to just ignore it when called. While it may seem that your dog is doing this on purpose, the truth is…they just don’t know what you want them to “do” when you say their name. The bottom line is, if you can’t get your dog’s attention, anything else you want from them is pointless. A dog who has learned to ignore their name will be very difficult, if not impossible, to teach any other behavior with reliability and consistency. With this add-on, we will teach them exactly what their name means. Through fun and games, your dog will learn that their name means “look at me”. We can even work on teaching your dog to respond to their name with distractions such as other dogs, people, and yes…even squirrels.

Come When Called

This behavior concern follows closely behind Name Recognition. You yell “come” and your dog has the nerve to turn and high tail it in the opposite direction. So many dogs have been lost, injured, and even killed because they did not have a reliable understanding of what the word “come” means. We will work with your dog to not only understand that the word “come” means come but we will teach them that they should check back in when they are doing something and even return occasionally to see if you want anything…by choice. We work on both a hand signal and a verbal cue for this behavior so you have several layers of understanding so your dog can be successful. Safety is important and we consider this a safety behavior.


Does your dog move the second you do? Do you wish you could ask your dog to go lay down somewhere and stay and not worry that she would get back up and follow you? Would you like your dog to wait to be invited into or out of spaces such as a car, house, or room? Stay and wait takes a lot of confidence. It is hard for a dog to see their favorite person going somewhere and they are not invited…even if for just a moment. Many dogs have learned that rushing into or out of a place is the way to do things and this rushing can increase both stress and anxiety. With this add-on, we will work with your dog on helping them learn to make a different choice when they want to go somewhere. That is, to be calm and relaxed, and to wait until released into a different space. We will also work on teaching your dog that movement does not automatically mean they should move too. Instead, they should stay until invited to join us. We use fun and game to make wait/stay fun. No intimidation, fear or stress…just FUN!

Place/Mat Work

This add-on works well with door manners, but it is also an important behavior for everyday life. Place/mat work is not just for use in the home. We teach this behavior so you can take your pup’s place/mat with you, so they have their safe spot no matter where they are. This is great for Grandma’s house, hotels, and even the Vet.

Impulse Control Work

This add-on hits directly at the root of many behavioral problems including bolting thru doorways, jumping on people, counter surfing, and snatching things up off the ground or out of hands. We work with your dog to teach them how to be happy just looking at things without moving forward. In other words, they learn to have a built in STOP button. Our method is humane, force-free, and not frustrating for your dog. We teach this using fun games where your dog makes a great choice and then wins. Sometimes, they even win the thing they want!

Confidence Course Work

This is another great option for dogs who are exhibiting problematic behaviors. These can range from fear-based behaviors to out of control behaviors. Dogs who lack confidence exhibit behaviors that we generally don’t understand and don’t like. By offering your dog opportunities to accomplish small tasks and win, we can start boosting his/her confidence which results in a much more emotionally balanced and happy dog. Confidence Course work includes nose work and obstacle course work.

Desensitization Work (including grooming, car rides and general handling)

This add-on is great for dogs who are hard to bathe, trim nails or groom. Desensitization protocols also work for dogs who don’t like certain parts of their bodies touched, being picked up, get sick while riding in car or have a fear of something specific. We work with your dog to help them gain confidence around situations they have a hard time dealing with. Take the scary out of life!

***Reactivity (excitement or fear-based) toward other dogs or people Work

Does your dog bark, lunge…maybe even snarl and growl when people or another dog walk by? Does your dog’s behavior embarrass you whenever another dog or person passes? Do you avoid walking your dog because you are afraid of their behavior? This add-on addresses the underlying emotion that causes reactivity. Our Trainers use humane methods of Classical Conditioning based in the Principles of Learning Theory to help your dog feel more optimistic and happier about things that trigger them into a reactive response. By changing your dog’s underlying emotional response, we can help reduce and even eliminate reactivity.

Socialization & Enrichment (On-site and Off-site)

Socialization and enrichment are life-long skills that must be practiced in order to stay strong. With this add-on, we will work with your dog to assure they receive safe and effective socialization and enrichment for understanding life events and to maintain confidence. This includes:

**Introduction and involvement in a variety of daily activities

**Trips to parks, local shops, homes, and events to safely experience life circumstances

**Activities to engage the brain as well as the body

**Meeting people and other animals in a safe manner to maintain confidence and calm behavior


6:30 a.m. - Noon

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10 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Additional pick up and drop off at 7 p.m.




Pick up and drop off at Noon and 7 p.m.



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