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Joyce Keeton, CBC FFCT

Owner, Certified Canine Behavior Counselor, Fear Free Certified Trainer, and Expert Dog Trainer

Joyce loves dogs!!  When you meet her, you will experience this first hand.  She always has a funny story to tell and enjoys talking to anyone and everyone about their dogs.  She also enjoys helping people with any problems and answering any questions they have about their dogs. Her background includes almost 30 years of experience working with dogs including...working at Animal Control, being a Veterinarian Assistant, a Kennel Technician, owning and operating a pet sitting service, owning and operating 3 Pet Hotels, here and in Florida, showing dogs in AKC conformation, obedience training and showing dogs in AKC Rally O and Obedience. Joyce is an Expert Dog Trainer/Behaviorist, specializing in dog socialization, enrichment, and communication as well as a Specialist in Dog Behavior focusing on helping dogs with severe behavioral issues such as fears, anxiety, reactivity, and aggression.  She is constantly studying and attending educational opportunities to enhance her knowledge and skills.  In March 2019, Joyce received her Certification as a Fear Free Trainer with the goal of working with local Veterinarians to reduce and hopefully eliminate fear, anxiety, and stress (FAS) in our family dogs and cats during routine Veterinarian visits.

Joyce loves to see dogs and their people succeed together.  She works hard every day to assure that people love their dogs and their behavior as much as their dogs love them.

Rescue is very important to Joyce and you will see any number of these wonderful dogs at The Dog Spot working on finding their confidence, getting healthy, and looking for their new forever homes. Some of the rescues she is involved with include Pound Puppies 'N Kittens, English Bulldog Rescue of GA, Five Freedoms Farm, Atlanta Boxer Rescue, Out of The Box Boxer Rescue, and Angels Among Us. 

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Tina Reich

Manager of Operations

Tina is in charge of all TDS.  One of our highest priorities is maintaining a safe and sanitary facility for dogs to come, stay, play, and learn.  Tina assures that this is the case each and every day.  But that is not all Tina is to us.  She is a leader.  Tina has worked in Pet Hotels and Boarding Facilities as a Caretaker and Manager for over 15 years.  When she came to TDS, it was an obvious choice to put her in charge of how TDS runs.  It is such a relief knowing the TDS facility, as well as the dogs in our care, are in the hands of such a caring and dedicated person. 

Tina was born and raised in Land O' Lakes, Florida.  She grew up on a farm where she took care of horses, cattle, pigs, and any stray animal that she could find.  Tina has had a passion for animals all of her life and she loves all kinds.   In her lifetime, she has rescued dogs, snakes, deer, birds, squirrels, and even a prairie dog, giant snapping turtles, and a couple of alligators.

Tina has worked with dogs for 20+ years and cannot see herself doing anything else.  In 2002, she started working for Joyce at a pet hotel Joyce owned, in Florida, called Pets In Paradise.  In 2012, Tina moved to Georgia and worked managing a boarding facility located in a Veterinarian's building.  After 6 years, she decided to come work with Joyce again, at The Dog Spot.  Tina is excited for the opportunity to learn how to train dogs using modern, science-based, positive methods as well as getting to use her love, passion, and skills while she cares for the amazing dogs at TDS.

Tina has always enjoyed working with Joyce and loves being back doing what comes so naturally to her...loving and caring for dogs.  Tina says the most rewarding part of working at TDS is getting to help rescue dogs find their forever homes. 


"To help a rescue dog find their forever home is such a rewarding feeling and I will never want to stop caring for the animals."

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Bayleigh Fown


Bayleigh is an amazing young lady who brings a ton of energy and passion to her work with dogs.  She finds all aspects of caring for them fun and engaging.  She runs, plays, pets, and loves on every dog in our care and has even taken on their enrichment care as well as some training.  We love having Bayleigh on our TDS Team!

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Destiny Simmons

Caretaker & Handler

Destiny joined our team and just took off!  She learned all aspects of daily care and cleaning and then moved into providing handling services as well as enrichment care.  Destiny loves caring for dogs and makes sure they get extra special love and attention every day.  We are thrilled she joined our TDS Team!

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