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The Dog Spot

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What We Do

The Dog Spot Training & Enrichment Center has 10,000 sq. ft. of indoor and outdoor space for your dog to socialize, play, learn and enjoy time with other dogs and the loving TDS caretakers and trainers.


We focus on providing each dog with the opportunity to increase their socialization, participate in daily enrichment activities, and improve their learning skills for increased confidence, impulse control, and happiness.

We use science as our foundation combined with game based training techniques, which equals...FUN!!!

The Dog Spot
Go to work GUILT FREE
Buy a 5-Day Card and your first day is FREE

Try our Doggie Playcare!

Our playcare is like no other!

Sure we have fun!  We also make sure your dog uses their brain throughout the day...with BRAIN GAMES!  This increases confidence, impulse control, and better choice making.

We care about your dogs mental, emotional, and physical health.  No large play groups here.  We match dogs up based on size, personality, and play style.  They play, learn, and rest.  Our team of expert caretakers and trainers assure your dogs day is the BEST!

The Dog Spot
This is no ordinary boarding..dogs run, jump, play, and learn.  
We spoil and teach using fun and games.  
Nature Walks, Cuddle Times, Treat Balls.
We treat them like family!
The Dog Spot
Dog Training & Behavior Modification
No problem too big or too small.
Day Training
Training during Boarding
Private Consultations
Science & Game Based Training focusing on social skills, enrichment, and better choice making.
No fear, anxiety, or stress!
Joyce Keeton, CBC
Certified Canine Behavior Counselor & Fear Free Certified Trainer
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