The Dog Spot, Doggie Playcare (Daycare), Boarding, and Training Center has 10,000 sq. ft. of indoor and outdoor space for your dog to play, run, romp, and enjoy time with other dogs. 


Dogs are supervised by dedicated, highly-trained & caring staff (for more info. please see the "About Owner" below).  This allows us to redirect inappropriate behaviors before they ever have a chance to escalate.


We have a wide array of pieces of playground equipment for dog to play on such as tunnels, slides, playhouses, etc.  We also have plenty of safe toys for dog to play with including Kongs, Jolly Balls, Nylabones, and Hooves.  All dogs have a chew safe toy such as a Kong or Nylabone for chewing during nap time and overnight.


Many daycares don't provide toys or bones because they fear they MIGHT cause conflicts.  Here at The Dog Spot, though, we think it's important to allow dogs to play with toys, which is why we ALWAYS supervise and work with dogs showing "resource guarding" issues.  We feel this is a better policy than banning fun toys altogether.


The Dog Spot has 3 attached outdoor play yards that are enclosed by 6 foot fences topped by coyote rollers for safety.  We roll up the back doors most mornings and evenings as well as all moderate weather days so dogs can come in and out as they wish.  If the weather is bad or too hot or cold, we make sure all dogs rotate out on a regular basis for potty breaks and fresh air.

About the Owner


Joyce Keeton, CBC, the Owner & Operator of The Dog Spot, is a Certified Canine Behavior Counselor and Expert Dog Trainer, with recognized expertise in multiple dog interactions and aggression issues.  Joyce has been working with dog for 26 years and has owned multiple pet hotel/doggie playcare/training centers.  Her education and experience give her the unique ability to allow large groups of dogs to safely interact with one another.


It takes many years of hands-on experience to become proficient in managing large groups of dogs in an off-leash environment.  Veterinary, or even training experience alone does not qualify someone to safely manage groups of dogs off-leash.  Most vets and vet staff along with trainers only deal with single or a few dogs at a time, and usually while the dog is on leash.  Behavior experts agree that working with multiple dogs (more than 3) takes special training and experience to deal with safely.  Joyce has that experience and knowledge! 


Joyce or a highly trained staff member personally evaluates every dog prior to accepting them into The Dog Spot playcare program.  They use positive reinforcement techniques when dealing with inappropriate behaviors.  If necessary, they also use and advocate "time outs".


Joyce personally trains and works with all staff extensively prior to allowing them to supervise dogs on their own.  They must have an understanding of dog psychology and behavior as well as the acceptable techniques for dealing with inappropriate behaviors when they arise.


While dogs are not "trained" while they are in playcare (unless prior arrangements are made.; see board/train & playcare/train), Joyce and the staff work with all dogs to promote good canine manners and polite behavior.

"I LOVE THIS PLACE. My dogs love it even more though! I have two very high energy boxers and their favorite days are doggie daycare days. They come home completely wiped out and sleep like rocks. I recommend Joyce and The Dog Spot all the time. Joyce is also a phenomenal trainer that works miracles with dogs. She loves them all so much that you feel like they are with family. You have got to give them a try!"


-S. Hight, Loganville, GA

"The Dog Spot is a blessing for us. We have 2 Sheltie puppies and 1 very old Sheltie. You can imagine they have different needs! Annie, our 14 year old, was treated like a Queen, a very old Queen, and they gave her a special place to do what she loves to do-sleep! Without puppies bothering her she was in doggie heaven. Mac and Fiona our 2 puppies were able to do what they do best-run and play, run and play. . .etc. My favorite part was the baths; when our vacation was over (sadly) we pick up 3 clean, sweet smelling, and happy dogs! Yes we will be going to Dog Spot again!"


-D. Snodgrass, Loganville, GA


6:30 a.m. - Noon

3:00 p.m. - 7 p.m.



10 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Additional pick up and drop off at 7 p.m.




Pick up and drop off at Noon and 7 p.m.



3422 Diversified Drive

Loganville, GA 30052

Also serving Loganville, Grayson, Snellville, Conyers, Lawrenceville, Lilburn, Dacula, Stone Mountain.

T / 678-475-7100

F / 770-554-4999

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