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Does my dog need to be neutered or spayed?

We prefer all dogs over 8 months be neutered. If they are not, they will be assessed for "male behaviors" (leg lifting inside, mounting other dogs, and escape behaviors) and may not be allowed to stay with us. Females that are not spayed must not be getting ready to go into heat or just coming out of heat.

What is required in regards to my dog's health?

Dog must be in good health and free from internal and external parasites. Any dog found to have parasites (fleas, ticks, worms) while in our care will be treated at the owner's expense. Any dog who becomes ill while in our care, will be treated by a Veterinarian at the owner's expense. Please refer to our agreement for details.

Do you require reservations?

A reservation is required for a Meet & Greet but not for playcare. However, we cannot guarantee availability to those clients who do not purchase a multiple day playcare card.

Does my dog need to be vaccinated?

Dogs must be current on vaccinations per your Veterinarian's protocols based on your dog's age. Rabies is required for all dogs 16 weeks and older by law. We do accept titres. All vaccination records must be on file at The Dog Spot. You may bring them in, mail them to us, or have your Vet fax them to us at 770-554-4999.

What forms do you require?

A completed application and completed agreement must be on file at The Dog Spot. You may download these forms from our site at your convenience and bring them with you to your dog's scheduled meet-n-greet session. We are happy to email these forms to you upon request.

What are your daycare requirements?

Dogs must be evaluated for behavior standards prior to participating in playcare or sleepovers. Meet-N-Greet's are done by appointment only and last all day. Meet-N-Greet's can be scheduled Mon. - Fri., 7 a.m. - 10 a.m. You will receive a report card on how your dog did as well as friends made, upon pickup. All Meet-N-Greet dogs must be picked up by 7:00 p.m. (Late pick-ups may incur a nominal $18.00 fee.)

What if my dog isn't suited for daycare?

Please note that not all dogs are temperamentally suited for playcare and an interactive setting. While doggy playcare is a wonderful way for your dog to continue their socialization and get some great exercise, it is not always possible to admit dogs who need a lot of individual attention or special monitoring by the playcare team. Dogs who are aggressive towards other dogs will not be permitted in our interactive playcare. They may however,stay with us and participate in Enrichment Daycare with one of our Caretaking team. We will recommend Day Training for dogs with behavioral issues and concerns. All dogs are assessed daily and changes in behavior will be brought to the owner's attention. See our Enrichment Daycare options.

What collar should my dog wear at The Dog Spot?

Chokers, prong, and electric collars are NOT permitted at The Dog Spot. All dogs must come in with a flat buckle, martingale, quick snap collar, or harness with their rabies tag and an identification tag.

Do you recommend a dog harness?

No-Pull Harnesses are permitted and encouraged for on-leash use. We do not allow these to stay on while your dog is at The Dog Spot, except in certain circumstances. No-pull Harnesses are highly recommended by The Dog Spot, so please don't hesitate to ask about them and their many benefits over traditional choker, prong, and electric shock collars. The Dog Spot will trade you a humane No-Pull Harness for your non-preferred collar...for FREE! Talk to our team about this program.

What if my dog misbehaves while at The Dog Spot?

Positive Reinforcement methods are used at The Dog Spot. This means that dogs will not be physically, emotionally, or mentally corrected for any unwanted or undesired behavior. We will redirect, reinforce preferred behaviors, and teach whenever possible. If we feel your dog needs additional training, we will recommend they attend our Day Training Program. Time-out's are a method frequently used to help teach dogs proper manners (although they tend to not be as effective for barking as other methods). Time-out's may involve placing the dog in a crate for up to 5 minutes, or sometimes tethering the dog to a Dog Spot team member. This is done so the dog is not allowed to repeat the behavior so they can learn that unwanted behavior choices lead to a temporary loss of play privileges. Once returned to their play group, they are rewarded for making preferred choices.