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The Dog Spot | Training & Enrichment Center | Daycare | Training | Boarding


Using games as our foundation for dogs to learn how doing what you want benefits them; increasing their desire to do things your way!

The Dog Spot | Training & Enrichment Center | Day Training

Puppy & Adult Programs

Drop your dog off for training while you work!
The Dog Spot | Training & Enrichment Center | Private Training


In-home private training and behavior modification for you and your dog
The Dog Spot | Training & Enrichment Center | Board & Train


Board & Train done right...humanely and effectively!
The Dog Spot | Training & Enrichment Center | Daycare | Training | Boarding

All the best parts of teaching a dog what you expect from them. 

Not only do they receive professional training from our Certified Team of Trainers and Behaviorists, but we also teach YOU how to integrate what they are learning into your life. All of our programs are customized to your specific needs.

Amazing for many behavior concerns and training needs including

 • Fear

• Inattention

• Reactivity

• Aggression

• Overexcitement

• Obedience

• Leash Pulling

• Puppy Behaviors

And More!

Day Training

(at The Dog Spot)

Our favorite training method! 

All of our Day Training Programs are customized for you...

Call 678-475-7100 

Excellent socialization, training, enrichment, and family involvement!

Programs require attendance 2 days/wk for duration of chosen program

12 Day Puppy Program...$850

12 Day Program..............$995

24 Day Program.............$1918

36 Day Program.............$2769

Behavior Assessment(Adult).....$125

Behavior Assessment(Puppy).....$125

All programs must be completed in an agreed-upon timeframe.  Missed sessions will be forfeited.


***See below for Day Training bonuses and Free Add-on's

Private Training Prices

(In-Home Training)

Have the Behavior Expert come to you!

Learn how YOU can teach your dog using fun, games, and enrichment activities.

Sessions are scheduled weekly or bi-weekly

6 Days -----------------------------------------

12 Days ---------------------------------------

24 Days ---------------------------------------

Behavior Assessment Consultation ---




$ 250

If your dog loves to play with other dogs, they will get to participate in our Playcare Program on their Day Training days.  If they do not, our team of loving and dedicated Dog Caretakers will give them plenty of one-on-one attention with additional enrichment such as fun walks, cuddles, and one-on-one play.

***Behavior Assessment Consultation must be prepaid to secure the session. 

       We accept CC (3% convenience fee), check, cash, and Venmo (2% convenience fee)

***24 Day Programs will include a FREE Training Pouch. 36 Day Programs will include a FREE Training Pouch, FREE Freedom Harness, and 1 FREE in-home private session.

***Day Training at TDS provides all training treats unless your dog has a specific need. 

    Please advise us of any allergies or food sensitivities.


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