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Day Training can be the answer!

I have been offering training services of some variety for over 20 years. I've provided group classes, private in-home training, one-on-one training on and off-site, board and train, conformation training, and now Day Training. Day Training, by far, is my favorite option. The bonus is the most flexible and successful. It is amazing the results that we are having by using this program. Day Training combines training with professionals as well as with the family. The difference between this type of training and all others is that your dog gets to work with training professionals more often and the homework you are given is doled out in small, bite-size pieces so you don't feel overwhelmed. Day training also includes enrichment which is critical to a dog's confidence and ability to focus.

A typical day of Day Training looks like this...

Dog is dropped off between 6:30-10 a.m.

Dog is taken out for a quick potty break

If your dog is approved for a play group, they get to spend time playing with their pup


First session of Day Training begins. Your dog works with our team of Certified

Professional Trainers on their specific program.

Out for a quick potty break

Nap time!

Out for a quick potty break

Second session of Day Training begins. Sometimes this is behavior focused and

sometimes it is enrichment focused, depending on the dog's confidence level.

Out for a quick potty break

Nap time!

Additional play time

Pick up time is between 3:00 p.m. - 5:45 p.m.

This is a very busy day for a dog with a lot of brain work, emotional work, as well as physical work. We activate all of their senses including smell, taste, sight, sound, and touch. Expect your dog to be exhausted, happy, and satisfied when they get home.

We offer Day Training in 12, 24, and 36 day programs. We recommend Day Training 2 Days per week and we offer these programs T - Th each week. We will expand out days to include Monday and Friday soon.

We also recommend Enrichment Care for days your dog isn't coming to us for training. I wrote in a previous blog how important Enrichment Care is and how it can benefit your pup, you, and your relationship.

Call our Training Center at 678-475-7100 and press 2 to talk to someone from our Training Team. We would love to help your dog learn humanely through games, choice, fun, and science.

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